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Saturday, July 29, 2006

wohooo... today went escape wif him.. hahaa.. its hav been 1 or 2 yrs no go there liao.. lolx.. free 2 ticket frm joeyee.. soo nice of him giving me.. =Pp reach there in da afternn, not many ppl.. gd!! too bad e 360 degree ride was closed fer maintinance.. =( 1st ride wif him was PEPSI, soo scary initially, but after sumtimes feel nth alrdy.. hahaaa..

hurt my neck after plying e water ride... sigh.. lucky got him massage fer me.. =Pp hmmm.. then after tt queue up fer GO KART.. first time playin go kart also.. abit omg! cos frm wat i rmb no slippers are allow last time so no go ply.. but nw no more of tt!! dunnoe hw to drive but soo excited tt i drove damn fast till e person ask me slow down!! STUPID lor!! =Pp lolx.. dun care also.. he ply sum games to get soft-toy fer me cos i wan them.. hahaa.. but too bad no bigbig toy! all kinda small.. pathetic man.. but thanks, cute lil'elephant, penguin and black horse.. =) change n wash up @ 8pm then left fer dinner....

dinner @ parklane there, WANTON MEE.. nice food there.. =pP shall bring my buddy there and eat.. =) went paradize ply pool fer awhile then went catch movie alrdy.. montuary, not a bad show la but in da end no one survived.. =)

thanks soo much rayner, *home swt home

posted by meifang @ 29.7.06

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hApPy One mOnTh... =Pp

hahaha.. hmmm.. today after sch went sunset, his wrk place find him, on e way there saw cousin jevons!! omg.. soo coincidence lo.. nw then realised his camp at changi.. lolx..

after tt went in to a toy shop lookin for mickey mouse fer fangqi cos nowadays she not in a good mood, so tryin to get sumting fer her to make her happy.. =Pp hehee.. in da end got sum mickey stuff fer her again.. =)

dinner @ fish 'n' co.. 1st time went there after renovation.. hehee. =D

posted by meifang @ 26.7.06

Sunday, June 11, 2006

love u gals sistaz joanne & huiling also fanngqi!!! =) thanks fer everyting*

hmmm.. today sunday! *yawn woke up in da afternn cos slept in da morn last nite.. heheee.. tt's y.. =X after wash up n get ready went to meet joanne n huiling, and of course, to cele my bday agian.. hehee.. *weehz!! went taka see got wat nice to eat.. but seems nth.. hmmm.. so went find joanne @ paragon 1st then decide.. so sway, went there saw my ex collegue! alemak, wat a samll world.. n she's jo collegue nw! hahaa.. then we decided to go chinatown, went to eat seafood!!! yummy yummy* stingray, sotong n etc.. hehee// =) i love it..

wander where to go nxt, east coast? esplanade? dot.. dot.. dot.. went clark quay again!! omg.. i jus went last nite leh!! hahhaa.. saw fraddy, my camp instrutor, in e train.. haha.. soo coincidence.. lolx.. went chinaone to drink, hmmm.. nice place.. sat there relaxed, chi-chatting n listen live band music... heavenly* also watch live world cup.. lolx.. i dun feel like gg back by then!! it hav been very long since i last did tis.. hahhaa.. everyone is tired le so went to catch e last train n go back.. hehee.. =P

*u gals always brighten me up when i was down!! hahaa.. *muacksss~ cya soon..

posted by meifang @ 11.6.06

Saturday, June 10, 2006

happpy 18th bday tooo meee... =D *100606

*weehz... finally 18 lo.. hahaa.. shld i be happy or sad leh.. cos gettin older!! hahaa.. if every yr is 18 fer me tat will be da best!! hahaa.. fat hope la!! =X hmmm.. today went out celebrate wif qi, qin, khim n jet.. went "glasshouse" fish n co fer dinner, then to p.s to catch a moive lo.. SLITHER, real violence n gore man! omg... hahaaa.. but nice show aniwaz.. after show dunnoe where to go .. sigh.. so went paradize ply pool 1st.. actully wanted to go brewerk but when we reached they closed alrdy.. so sad.. hahaaa.. went indochine cant go in! is like wat e *peep man!! 1plus alrdy where can we go, landed at hooters! wat a place.. so sian!! no music, nth! only food n drinks!! hahaa.. after drinkin, took a cab hm swt hm.. so tired alrdy by then..

sooo disappionted~ i promise, my gals, tis will nvr ever happened on my bday!! i hav learnt my lesson here today... thanks fq, jo n ling.. muacks!! =P

posted by meifang @ 10.6.06

Friday, June 09, 2006

thanks so much to all my lovely classmates & also joel!! i love u guys! =P

today got DMT test.. omg! they say tis is a present e sch gave... =X *lame! hahaaa.. well.. meet 5pm at marina, count down my bday n also "world cup".. hohoho.. met terence at control and go together.. as usual la, stil ppl late fer soo long.. hmmm.. though i'm late too.. but i'm e first few to reach lo.. lolx.. =) after everyone reached we headed to eat steamboat, walked here n there checking if there's any halal one if not bro rudy cannot eat! lolx.. in da end we landed @ chong pang...

we ate from 6pm to 11plus.. omg! i cant believe it man! tis was my 1st time eating steamboat fer so long hrs!! hahaha.. but i did enjoyed n hav lots of fun taking fotos.. wow.. soo many pics we have took!! but i love it... =) hehee.. after "dinner/supper" we went arcade ply daytona n etc.. arldy 1plus when we left there... everyone went took NR/cab back but i went catch midnite show wif him.. "benchwarmers" nice show.. laugh like hell.. hahaa.. hm swt hm after tt..

*090606 a day i'll always rmb.. cant wait fer e chalet in july.. =) yeah!!

posted by meifang @ 9.6.06

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wow... my last update was long long ago... lolx.. hmmm.. went Paya Lebar Air Base today.. hahaha.. indeed fun and open-eyed though was such a hot day!! e huge n long aircraft.. omg!!

posted by meifang @ 31.5.06

Sunday, May 14, 2006

happy mother's day!!! =D

posted by meifang @ 14.5.06